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Fruits In Season

Pomegranate: #livelaughlove, wears a tote bag, owns a VSCO account,

Pear: subtle curvatures, understated and gentle. One that you can confide in. Sketches passerby on a park bench in early spring. A bit shy.

Dragonfruit: Pretentious, narcissistic, ambitious, overly-prideful. Also a hardcore LARPer. That one kid who’s super into anime and DnD.

Mango: Sweet, island vibes, outgoing, ecstatic, talks a lot

Lychee: Seems like a mess, fairly simple minded, somewhat spontaneous, has a happy vibe (sometimes too much of one), a little more self-absorbed than most notice at first, and usually mixes well with others.

Tomato: Overshares its business. Smells like sweat. Gets cold easily.

Cherry: wears red lipstick and carries Old Gold cigarettes. Tells people they can play chess, with only a limited understanding of checkers. SpeaksPortugese and a bit of French, but is unable to pronounce the “eau” sounds correctly. Purchases lingerie just to have, not to wear.

Strawberries: Superiority complex and yet still gracious to everyone they meet. Always wears monochromatic outfits. Rhinestone phone case and nails. Specializes in chemistry.

Peach: Sweet and innocent. Used to have a treehouse during childhood, and references it more times than necessary.

Orange: Athletic and smart, joins a lot of clubs. Teacher’s pet. Down to earth, effortlessly pretty

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